New Windows

When designing a new memorial window, a client brief is a good starting point for determining budget, subject matter and style.  A small scale design is created for discussion with the client.  Any alterations in design that are then requested are made for the client's approval.  The design is then redrawn at full scale, including the shading of the paintwork (matt and trace lines), break down of the glass colours and lead lines, the placement of the steel bars and the fixing of the wire ties.  Only then is the glass cut and the painting begins.  The slow design process ensures that the finished product is of the highest standard possible.

A design proposal for a Mary Stained Glass Portal Window in the style of Harry Clarke for St. Joseph’s church near Wagga Wagga, NSW.

A full scale cartoon for a commissioned memorial stained glass window depicting Jesus and the Children, drawn by Hampton & Bayside Leadlight for Geoff Wallace Stained Glass Studio.