Domestic Leadlight Services


Matching existing leadlight

We are experts at matching leadlight and stained glass.


New Leadlight

There is a great deal of variety to choose from in domestic leadlight and stained glass.  We offer a consultative design service which allows us to provide the client with the best possible outcome in terms creating stained glass or leadlight windows of appropriate design, colour palette, and relevance to the architecture.   Whether your home is contemporary or traditional we can customise a design to your personal needs.  Our gallery highlights some of the endless range of options available.  Each of these windows has been custom designed for a particular client and circumstance.


Onsite Repairs

We offer a range of onsite and in studio repair options, depending on the needs of the client and the level of damage to leadlight or stained glass window.


Damage Reports and insurance work

As Leadlight and Stained glass is covered under house insurance, we offer clients a damage assessment service and compile damage reports for insurance claims. Our service is punctual, friendly, and of the highest quality.  Contact us for more information.

Getting a quote

The process of getting a quote requires a conversation to discuss the particulars of the client's project, this usually requires emailing images back and forth.  A quote is provided, a deposit is paid, the design is drawn up and after client approval, the leadlight window is build and installed.  The balance is then paid.