We offer a Leadlighting class once yearly, run by a qualified industry professional and accredited teacher. 


This course is ideal for beginner leadlight student/hobbyists.  Some glass cutting experience is preferable but not essential.  Most importantly, a positive attitude, an inquisitive mind and good observation skills are very desirable.  Materials and tools are included in the course cost.   It is held at the Sunbury studio and places are limited to 5 students per class. 


Course dates: 6th January to 10th January, 2020.  Price - $1000.00


The student will learn how to accurately cut glass in straight and curved cuts, a become familiar with the appropriate tools.  The student will learn the techniques involved in leading, soldering and puttying a leadlight window.  Design principles will be touched on during this course. Upon completion the student will have the knowledge to build their own leadlight windows.

Leadlighting Courses

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